Online advertising is the ideal way to find new leads for specific topics. It can be tailored precisely to the respective target groups and offers measurable success. This makes it easy to control, while allowing you to increase your reach with a relatively small budget.

Advertising to boost your reach

  • Advertising on Google is an art form. As with other elements of communication, you need a clearly formulated goal and relevant content to ensure success.  We derive the goals from the communication strategy, while the advertising messages are created together with the suitable content formats.

    To ensure professional execution, we collaborate with one of Germany’s leading Google Ads specialists. You can therefore rest assured that your budget is being spent effectively, whether you choose to employ local ads, dynamic adverts in the search network, remarketing or video campaigns.

  • Marketing on LinkedIn can help you reach a good proportion of professional contact partners in certain industries. This platform offers global reach, specific targeting options and a wide range of advertising formats. These include the ability to directly target individual persons.

    Thanks to conversion tracking, LinkedIn offers a solid basis for measuring the performance of every campaign and getting a better picture of your target group. Using LinkedIn Pixel and LinkedIn Insight Tags can give you an introduction into lead management. Connecting with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions makes it possible to re-target your website visitors, while also providing additional information about the LinkedIn members who see your ads.



  • Reaching new customers

    In order to establish contact with potential new customers in a tightly defined target group, you need email adverts focused on specific topics. Publishing houses, list brokers or trade fair organisers often offer to distribute advertising messages through a target group-specific mailing list, known as a standalone newsletter. Here, the addressees have already consented to receive information in the respective topic area.

    Serving your existing readers

    Emails are always welcome when they provide value through useful information. Successful email marketing calls for well-structured knowledge about customers and other interested parties, as well as a focused editorial plan.

  • A diverse media landscape has become standard in many technological industries. Virtually all publishing houses use online portals to build on their print media. Banner ads have been shown to offer excellent potential when placed in the right topical context.

    In B2B in particular, banner advertising offers interesting ways of addressing niche target groups, supporting product launches and raising awareness of interesting applications. With this in mind, banners should be a part of any marketing mix that aims to achieve greater reach and more traffic.

    Vivid language and a clear structure are the keys to success when designing your banner adverts. Whether you choose a static or dynamic ad, and whichever format you select, they can attract attention and achieve the desired effect.