Why a strategy?

System modules

  • We start by getting an overview. To ensure the right result, we need to understand the current state of your business. How are your marketing and sales teams structured? What resources do they have? How do they work together? We then perform a competitor analysis to identify a range of aspects, from the general thrust of argumentation and visibility in digital media to the tone and intensity of communication. We then share the results of this analysis with you, providing the starting point for our collaboration.

  • The strategy workshop takes advantage of the shared knowledge and experience in the team. Together, we specify the target markets and groups, and develop buyer personas for the relevant contact partners in the sales process. We highlight information behaviour, along with media and channels for analogue, digital and personal contacts. We also question strengths and weaknesses, and highlight opportunities and threats. Wibo moderates the discussion, posing questions and opening up new perspectives. This acts as a catalyst in the process, helping your team make effective and reliable assertions faster. The results from the strategy workshop then flow into the strategy and conception of the campaign.

  • The strategy shows the way for the campaign, indicating specific goals and success factors. With a creative overall idea and specifications for the tone, emotion, wording and images, it determines how you address the customer. By combining a selection of measures and media, the strategy describes the communication mechanics and defines how the campaign is integrated into existing structures. With a common goal and a reliable framework, every part of the campaign counts.

  • Tactics provide the framework for executing the strategy. This involves setting the budget and schedule, as well as defining processes and responsibilities. Each channel is given parameters for evaluation.  The intended channels are taken into account when developing the key visuals. This saves time and money. An argumentation guide with text templates helps everyone involved to execute the campaign with consistent arguments. This delivers savings and ensures more effective communication.

  • To make sure that the strategy delivers on its promise, we provide project management services that bring together everyone involved from inside and outside the business. Depending on the project and your own internal resources, we can act as a full-service agency, an external project manager or as an interim manager. We deliver the right content as text that readers will enjoy, together with effective images and film material for landing pages, social media, brochures and presentations. We maintain contact with industry media and expand it for specific target groups. User reports and press releases with excellent-quality content and language ensure high visibility in print and online media.