The foundations of successful PR work

Maintaining a presence in industry media can draw attention to your business, attracting potential leads who need solutions to their problems and have yet to discover that you offer exactly what they are looking for. We can discover the media outlets that are relevant to your target groups. We already enjoy excellent cooperations with specialist media in several industries. Get in touch. We can create a distribution list for specific topics and sectors, as well as writing in-depth copy in the following formats:

  • Press releases
  • News reports
  • Focus interviews
  • Industry features
  • Success stories

PR vs Social media

  • Imagine the following scenario. You have just developed a new machine or piece of software and are convinced that users can benefit from the improved performance it offers. You want to spread the word – and not just to those B2B customers with whom you are already in contact. You want to reach new target groups, or maybe even entirely new markets. Specialist media – both print and online – are a great way of conveying your message to the target group in a way that generates trust. This is true even in today’s age of information-heavy websites and company presences on social media platforms. The industry press acts as a gatekeeper for trustworthy information.

  • What has changed is the way that businesses work with editorial teams. As a result of digitalisation, editorial teams now have to produce more copy for press releases and online portals, for example, often with no additional staff. Gaining the attention of the industry press is all about thinking a few steps ahead. If you want to be published, you need to present the right topic at the right time to the right contact partner. You need articles that offer value to the specific B2B target group. This makes it a worthwhile endeavour to study topic agendas and learn more about tone and text formats. Editorial teams love valuable content. By offering carefully researched content that does not come across as “salesy”, you can establish yourself as a valuable media partner and expert in your field.

  • Publishing on the online portals of industry media outlets also makes you easier to find in search engines. What’s more, you can really get the most from your content by using it for social media posts. Don’t forget to adapt it to the respective channel. Likes and shares are social signals for your posts that not only increase their visibility, but can also influence your ranking. This also applies to the indirect backlink construction that can arise through social media activities. By cleverly linking your social media and PR activities, you can ensure successful synergies. It’s certainly worthwhile.