A dialogue can begin in any channel, be it a face-to-face discussion, on the phone, digitally or even by post. Many online marketing strategies use the principle of the sales discussion from dialogue marketing. Thanks to the media landscape in many technical sectors and the growing acceptance for print mailings, there are good reasons for including print mailings and print advertising with dialogue-based components into your B2B communication mix.


The return of print

  • As businesses drown under an overwhelming flood of digital advertising, print mailings are making a comeback. For print mailings that open doors, pay attention to the following:

    • Arouse curiosity
    • Make sure they feel nice to the touch
    • Incorporate game-like elements
    • Provide clear and well-structured information
    • Focus on the value offered by the product
    • Include a clear call for action

    Print mailings offer outstanding opportunities for discussions, helping you build and maintain personal contacts.

  • Target-specific industry media are a welcome source of information in many technology sectors. Their relevance is based on their focus, while they also gain strength from the way they link analogue and digital presentation.

    Advertising in print media can help you increase your reach. By awakening the reader’s interest, it can motivate them to get in touch and switch the medium. They form a good starting point for qualifying leads, while also ensuring a seamless customer experience across all communication channels.